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About Me

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and I’ve been in the US since 1998. I am a proud mother of an amazing son who is 20. I’m a Speech Pathologist and Audiologist and owned 2 preschools in the Orlando area until 5 years ago, when I decided to “retire” and dedicate my time to my second passion in life: crafting. (the first will always be my son ❤️)
A few years ago I fell in love with the snap jewelry concept and decided to open a store, where I achieved nearly 60,000 orders and received over 10,000 positive reviews.
Many people ask me how I am able to provide an enormous variety of snap designs, so here is some background information to help answer those questions.
Firstly, I buy the supplies and snaps bases in bulk. By doing so, I can pass the discount I receive from my vendors onto you. Having wholesale accounts with these vendors allows me to have an immense number of snaps available for very reasonable prices.
Secondly, I make my own snaps. I constantly have thousands of snaps to be made. I never stop searching for new patterns, cabochons, buttons, and embellishments, in order to bring you the best variety to choose from.
I design the patterns, drawings, effects, coloring, painting, etc. I make acrylic and resin snaps, from making the mold myself to choosing and adding the embellishments, as well as snaps made of polymer clay.
I also have agreements with overseas suppliers who manufacture snaps bases and snap jewelry to my request. I then choose the cabochons to be glued and transformed into snaps in my home studio. Many of the snaps you see on some snap jewelry sites were actually designed by me.
Overall, I run this business by myself and occasionally with my son's help.
I hope you enjoy browsing my store, and welcome to Be Clayzy!
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