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Thinking of a unique gift for family or friends? These handmade adjustable acrylic pour bangle bracelets are the perfect choice and budget friendly.


They are a great gift for anyone who wants a unique piece that truly stands out. One of a kind, can never be duplicated.


Acrylic pouring painting is a relatively new technique where acrylic paint is mixed with some type of pouring medium and then poured onto a surface in a variety of ways.

After that, the surface is tilted in several directions to let the paint flow, and the colors interact in unpredictable yet always interesting ways.

After the surface (we call it sheet) is completely dry, we then choose specific designs on them, glue a clear glass cabochon onto the one we find the most intriguing. Then, a really unique cabochon is born. Those cabochons are used to make these pieces.


The pictures rarely do them justice…. You would have to see them in person to fully appreciate their beauty. All in all, these pieces are just uniquely gorgeous.


Your bracelet will arrive in a box made of sturdy ABS plastic and transparent high-elastic PE film for a double-sided 3D floating effect, not only protecting from dust and elements, but also creating an impressive and eye-catching display.


Cabochon Size : 18 mm

Pendant Base Material : Zinc Alloy

Metal Color : Silver

Nickel and Lead Free

Cabochon Material : Glass

Design on Cabochon : Acrylic Pour on Canvas

Handmade Acrylic Pour Bangle Bracelet

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