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About Snaps

Snap Jewelry is a whole new kind of interchangeable jewelry, button-like charms you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, rings, necklaces,accessories, and more... allowing you to create and re-create jewelry in any way you choose. 

You can use one snap jewelry base with multiple snaps to change the appearance of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. with a simple and quick click-snap.

The original snap jewelry was first introduced as Noosa. Other companies with snap jewelry lines followed with compatible items. The terms "Chunks" and "Poppers" are often used to refer to snaps as well.

To change your snaps, simply pry them out using your finger. The snap will detach from the base and can quickly be removed and replaced with a new design.

There are three primary sizes of snap jewelry: 12mm, 18mm, and 33mm.

Snaps of one size are interchangeable with jewelry bases of the same size, no matter their brand.

Besides the snap buttons, we offer a wide variety of jewelry bases and apparel items: rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, clothing items, purses, etc. They’re generally interchangeable with each other.

We don’t offer the larger 33mm size due to the difficulty finding the materials to make them. However, we do offer large snaps with a smaller base. I’ll go into details soon...


Let’s start with the most common one... 18mm, also known as the classic snap.

This snap button is 18mm in diameter (base) with a hole/post size of 5.6mm.

It’s the size of the base that is important, not the the size of what is on top of the base since designs can sometimes extend past the edges. For example, an 18mm snap button can actually have a 33mm size. 33mm is the size of what is on top of the 18mm base. These snaps will be larger and look like statement pieces, and are very popular for those who like bold and eye-catching jewelry, while still fitting into all 18mm jewelry bases.


The tiniest of snap jewelry, the 12mm Mini snap buttons, are smaller than a US (or Canadian) dime. The minis have a hole/post of 4.5mm.

The mini snaps will fit into the 12mm snap jewelry bases only, will NOT fit into any 18mm ones and vice versa.






Snap jewelry is interchangeable. As long as you match the jewelry base to the snap button, the same snap can be used for earrings one day, a ring the next, in a bracelet, as a pendant or part of a necklace, and then back to earrings, just by popping it off one base and on to the next. 

On jewelry or apparel pieces with multiple bases, you can also mix and match to create your own style. Some pieces even have both 12mm and 18mm on them.


There's a snap for every personality, every style, and every occasion. The possibilities are endless...


What is Snap Jewelry?

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